Take Back Control

Group Health Insurance Renewal Worries Are a Thing of the Past!

CONTROL Your Dime.
CONTROL Your Time.
CONTROL Your Peace of Mind.

Take Back Control

Group Health Insurance Renewal Worries Are a Thing of the Past!

CONTROL Your Dime | CONTROL Your Time | CONTROL Your Peace of Mind

Company Overview

We specialize in helping implement proactive, cost and claims management strategies such as:

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
  • Level funded plans
  • Reference Based Plans (RBPs)
  • Direct Contracting with Hospital and Doctors
  • Transparent Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)
  • Tax Preferred Wellness Programs
  • Partially Self-Funded Plans

Expenses are putting pressure on your bottom line. Profits are being squeezed because of the increase of material expenses, regulatory compliance and of course, labor costs. Perhaps none is more frustrating and complicated than the cost of providing Healthcare benefits. You’ve passed on portions of the cost increases to your employees. You don’t know what else to do and feel like you’ve run out of options.

For thirty years, Metro Area Group Insurance Consultants (MAGIC) has been helping businesses manage and control their healthcare costs. These problems cannot be resolved with the same approach used when we created them. New ideas are needed.

These are just a few of the thirty-five concepts we recommend to free up capital that can be used to accomplish your company’s overall business objectives.


Employee Benefits Expert Celebrated for His Contributions to Innovative Benefits Plan Design

Bill Geraci, president of Columbus-based MAGIC Health Insurance Solutions, received the 2017 Innovation Award at ASCEND, the annual conference of The Association for Insurance Leadership (AIL), held in Nashville, TN, January 26-29. The award recognizes those whose work in support of improving the value and performance of employee benefits has significantly advanced the industry.


Association for Insurance Leadership Award

Health Insurance Solution Strategies

HRA Solutions

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Have you ever had the feeling you had a good year, no major claims, but still received a renewal increase from your insurance carrier?

Level Funding Insurance Solutions

Level Funding

Employers like you often struggle to find healthcare benefits options that give you the control. Level funding can provide you with that control.

Self-Funding Insurance Solutions


Companies are stepping away from "One Size Fits All". Choosing the right type of health plan is a crucial part of the growth and long-term success.

Medical Management Solutions

Medical Management

If you're not doing everything in your power to aggressively manage your medical and prescription claims costs, they will spiral out of control.

Reference Based Pricing Solutions

Reference Based Pricing

If there ever was "smoke and mirrors" in the world of healthcare, how doctors or hospitals bill for their services would certainly qualify.

Prescription Solutions


Because of prescription drugs, health benefit costs are increasing by over 10% a year, driven by a 20% growth in Specialty pharmaceuticals.

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