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The MAGIC Difference

We Don’t Work On Commission

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We hate to put it bluntly, but the insurance companies could care less about you. You are simply a small stream of revenue to help them meet their shareholders demands and meet Wall Street expectations.

Many traditional brokers don’t fight rate increases because with each one, they get a pay increase, too. Who doesn’t like a 10% bump in pay every year?

At MAGIC, we work on a flat-fee system based on the number of covered employees. Our business only grows when yours does, too!

We’re Data Driven
(with heart)

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More than anything, we want to do what’s best for you – the client. To figure that out, we dive deep into your data to see what’s happening with your claims and coverage.

Whether you add us as a consulting advisor or as a health insurance broker of record, we’re committed to finding you the BEST solutions to save your hard-earned money and improve your bottom-line without sacrificing quality care for your employees. You might be surprised at how much control you really can have over health insurance costs!

We Think
Outside The Box

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We get to know your business and your needs, and then recommend multiple alternative insurance options to fit your goals.

Just because your insurance has always been handled a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way!


With new possibilities available in health insurance benefits, it’s time to take a second look at what you’re offering your employees. It IS possible to provide high quality benefits while keeping more of your hard-earned revenue!

You deserve an insurance partner you can trust.

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We are passionate about small business and we want you to succeed! We have seen too many wonderful businesses lose money, talent, or have to close their doors because of badly managed or poorly selected health insurance. This doesn’t have to be you! We have been helping companies of all sizes since 2007, and after 15 years we know that our bottom line takes care of itself when we take care of our clients.

It’s time to treat your health insurance spend like every other aspect of your company. It’s time to have a health insurance broker on your side who knows what the heck they’re doing and will proactively manage your expenses every day. It’s time to hold someone accountable for controlling this cost and show a demonstrable ROI!


We’ve helped companies save as much as $5 million dollars on their insurance spend without sacrificing quality benefits for employees. Isn’t a return like that worth a second look at your benefits package?

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