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What’s Your “Why”?

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Do you remember when you first discovered your “Why”? Was it when you were a young child, maybe, twelve years old or so? Did it sneak up on you? Or was it always there, and you couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t your companion?

The seeds to my “why” were planted early in my childhood. My grandmother lived within bicycle riding distance of my home. I spent countless hours with her, helping her in whatever way I could. I went to the store to get her groceries. I cleaned all the high and low places she couldn’t reach in her apartment. I found tremendous purpose and pleasure in serving her.

Since then, I’ve served in many different capacities. I loved serving the Mass as an Altar Boy. I enjoyed serving seniors living in a nursing home. In high school I served customers at our local pharmacy. I had the honor of serving our country for four years in the Air Force. I served as a missionary in Moscow, Russia, caring for children in an orphanage. I served both my parents in their final days and hours of their life. And I loved serving my family of nine. Yes, I have seven children. 😊

It has been an honor to serve so many wonderful people and causes over the years.

And now, I have the great privilege of serving business owners, organizational leaders, and employees; teaching them how to create and manage cost effective, health insurance and employee benefits programs.

My “why” is to serve. It is my passion!

My greatest disappointment in business is to see so many businesses struggling with the cost of their health insurance plans. They are caught in a hamster wheel, believing there’s no way out of the endless cycle of ever-increasing costs. They believe they are stuck, with no options.

I once learned a very profound definition for the word, “transformation.” It said, “Transformation is the genesis of realms of new and infinite possibilities.”

In order for there to be “new possibilities,” one must stop projecting the past into the future. Once the past is put in its proper place, in the past, “new possibilities” open before us.

In other words, it’s time to get off that darn hamster wheel!

At MAGIC, we serve employers by helping them realize year-after-year premium increases doesn’t have to be a life sentence. We teach them that “transforming” their benefits program is not only possible, but that our clients are doing it every day.

We recently spoke with an employer of 25 employees. They were on “the hamster wheel,” forever running to control their health insurance costs. They were continuing to increase their employees’ deductibles and premium contributions. They also discovered potential employees were taking jobs with other companies, because their health insurance plan was so uncompetitive.

Their program was out of control, and they didn’t know what to do to stop it. They felt absolutely helpless.

We showed them several ideas that not only helped them gain control over the situation, but we also showed them how to improve their benefits offering without financially impacting them or their employees. They were able to create a competitive program of which prospective employees took careful notice.

When we created the MAGIC logo, we wanted something that projected our desire to help others realize the idea of “realms of new possibilities.” We believe the image of the sun rising over the horizon perfectly depicts this.

In spite of what happened yesterday, or during last year’s renewal, it’s a new day, a day of hope, and one full of new and infinite possibilities.

It’s time for transformation!

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